Project Monitoring Reports

With the assistance of Lotic Environmental Ltd., some partner groups of the CBWQ during the period from 2007-2012 completed reports summarizing the Water Chemistry, Temperature and CABIN results on the sites monitored during that period.

Organization Report Site Code Year
Arrow Lakes Environmental Stewardship Society Burton Community Watersheds, Caribou, Snow, Burton Creeks NECAR01, NESNO01, NEBUR01 2009-2012
Friends of the Lardeau River Lardeau River Watershed Water Quality Monitoring Report NHLAR01, NHLAR02, NHPOP01 2009-2012
Lk Windermere Ambassadors (formerly Wildsight Regional) Windermere Creek Water Quality Monitoring Report NAWIN01, NAWIN02, NAWIN03, NAWIN04 2009-2012
Mainstreams Environmental Society Joseph Creek Water quality Monitoring Report NGJOS01, NGJOS02, NGJOS03 2007-2012
Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers Society Salmo Creek Water quality Monitoring Report NESAL01, NESAL02, NESAL03 2007-2012
Slocan River Streamkeeper Society Slocan River & Area Water Quality Monitoring Report NJBON01, NJMIL01, NJGOS01, NJKOC01, NJCAR01, NJNIX01, NJSLO01, NJSLO02, NJSLO03, NJWIL01, NJWIN01 2005-2013
St. Mary River Rural Residents Association St. Mary River Watershed Water Quality Monitoring Report NGSTM01, NGSTM02, NGSTM03 2010-2012
Wildsight Golden Upper Columbia Water Quality Monitoring Report NAHOR01, NAHOR02, NAVEN01 2009-2012