Project Monitoring Pamphlets

Some CBWQ Partner Groups created pamphlets indicating highlights of the monitoring completed from 2007-2013 with the guidance of Lotic Environmental Ltd.

Organization Pamphlet Site Code Year
Arrow Lakes Environmental Stewardship Society Burton Community Watersheds, Caribou, Snow, Burton Creeks NECAR01, NESNO01, NEBUR01 2009-2014
Mainstreams Environmental Society Joseph Creek Water quality Monitoring Report NGJOS01, NGJOS02, NGJOS03 2005-2013
Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers Society Salmo River Watershed Water Quality Monitoring NESAL01, NESAL02, NESAL03 2007-2014
Slocan River Streamkeeper Society Slocan River Watershed Water Quality Monitoring NJBON01, NJMIL01, NJGOS01, NJKOC01, NJCAR01, NJNIX01, NJSLO01, NJSLO02, NJSLO03, NJWIL01, NJWIN01 2005-2013
Wildsight Golden Upper Columbia Water Quality Monitoring NAHOR01, NAHOR02, NAVEN01 2009-2014