Environment Canada CABIN Analytical Reports

Reports from Environment Canada’s CABIN program comparing benthic macro-invertebrates collected during CABIN sampling to reference sites, resulting in an assessment of the level of impairment (or not) to the site. The reports also summarize the habitat, chemistry and macro-invertebrate data collected during the sampling.

Organization Creek Site Code Year
Arrow Lakes Environmental Stewardship Society McDonald Creek NEMCD01 2015, 2016
East Shore Freshwater Habitat Society Crawford Creek NJCRA01 2015, 2016
Elk River Alliance Alexander Creek NGALX03 2015, 2016
Mainstreams Environmental Society Mather Creek NGMAT01 2015, 2016
Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers Society Sheep Creek NESHP01 2015, 2016
Slocan Lake Stewardship Society Silverton Creek NJSLV01 2015, 2016
Slocan River Streamkeeper Society Lemon Creek NJLEM03 2016
Wildsight Golden Birchland Creek NABIR02 2015, 2016
Wildsight Regional Windermere Creek NAWIN03 2015, 2016