The Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre based in Selkirk College in Castlegar, has provided GIS support to members of the Columbia Basin Watershed Network (CBWN) since 2008. As members of of the CBWN, the CBWQ partners have been able to create the following maps showing landscape features, development activity, habitat values, fish and wildlife values and land use:


Mark / Mathew Creek (Mark Creek Recovery Program) — 2008
Base Mapping Watershed Features (7.7 Mb)
Forestry Development Activity (7.7 Mb)
Mining Activity And Site Contamination (1.75 Mb)

Joseph / Gold Creek (Joseph Creek Community Action Team) — 2008
Base Mapping Watershed Features (6.8 Mb)
Forestry Development Activity ( 7.2 Mb)
Mining Activity And Site Contamination (7.1 Mb)
Wildlife Values (11.5 Mb)

Salmo River (Salmo Streamskeepers Society) — 2009
Salmo River Watershed (1.3 Mb)
Watershed Impacts (2 Mb)

Slocan Lake (Slocan Lake Stewardship Society) — 2009
Slocan Lake Hydrologic Features (11 Mb)

CBT Water Quality Monitoring Map — Nov 18, 2010
WQ Monitoring Map (5.1 Mb)

Friends Of The Lardeau River GIS & Mapping Support Project — Fall 2010
The Lardeau River Watershed (Low Resolution Version) (1.0 Mb)
A Simple Map Of The Lardeau Watershed (0.5 Mb)
Fish Habitat Values Map (1.2 Mb)
Wildlife Habitat Values Map (1.2 Mb)
A Map Of The Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Zones(3.2 Mb)
Forest Cover Map (1.8 Mb)
Forest Activity & General Forest Ownership Map (1.6 Mb)
Mining Activity Map (1.9 Mb)
Parks And Protected Areas Map (1 Mb)
Terrain Stability Map (3.3 Mb)
Lardeau River Watershed: High Resolution Orthophotos And 20k Map Grid (0.7 Mb)
Ortho-Mosaic Of The Lower Lardeau River (Low Resolution Version) (0.5 Mb)
Ortho-Mosaic Of The Lower Duncan River (Low Resolution Version) (1.0 Mb)

Elk River Alliance — Fall 2011
Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping Of Lizard Creek (10.6 Mb)
Lizard Creek Shim Map Submission(309 Kb)

Lake Windermere Ambassadors — Fall 2011
Classified Aquatic Vegetation In Lake Windermere (4.9 Mb)
Aquatic Vegetation And Invasive Plant Species Survey Locations (4.9 Mb)
Provincially Regulated Speed Zone For Lake Windermere (4.5 Mb)
Provincially Regulated Speed Zone And Aquatic Vegetation (5 Mb)

Mainstreams/Joseph Creek Summer/Fall 2012
Basemap For Joseph Creek (22.7 Mb)
Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification Zones For Joseph Creek (13.5 Mb)
Joseph Creek Watershed Forest Operability (13.4 Mb)
Joseph Creek Watershed Forest Ownership (14.9 Mb)
Joseph Creek Watershed "Hotspots" (15.5 Mb)
Joseph Creek Watershed Features & Licences (17.6 Mb)

East Shore (East Shore Freshwater Habitat Society) — 2015
Crawford Creek (6.9 Mb)
Crawford Creek Watershed (4.4 Mb)
East Shore Watersheds (4.3 Mb)

Mather Creek (Mainstreams) — 2017
Mather Creek Basemap: Poster (6.1 Mb), Letter (1.4 Mb), Tabloid (1.8 Mb)
Mather Creek Watershed: Human Use: Poster (8 Mb), Letter (2.3 Mb), Tabloid (3.1 Mb)
Mather Creek Watershed: Wildlife: Poster (5.5 Mb), Letter (1.4 Mb), Tabloid (1.8 Mb)