Columbia Basin Watersheds Site Map

Columbia Basin Water Quality Project (CBWQ) is a citizen scientist project made up of non-profit partner groups who monitor their local watersheds. CBWQ has been administered and coordinated by Mainstreams Environmental Society in Kimberley since the inception of the project in 2007.

The purpose of this project is to build the capacity of citizen-scientists in local watershed groups to monitor their water.  This scientifically valid data from local streams provides important data to regional watershed managers, while empowering local citizens to understand their watersheds.

CBWQ monitoring protocols are based on Environment Canada’s Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network standards; called CABIN for short.  These standards are used across Canada and all partner groups have trained, accredited CABIN people.  The training involves a series of online courses followed up with a 2-day accreditation field school.

The CBWQ has been primarily funded by the Columbia Basin Trust since 2007 and would not have been possible without the continuing funding. It also has been administered and coordinated by Mainstreams Environmental Society throughout this period. After 11 years of citizen science monitoring the CBWQ has come to an end. The purpose of this website is to provide ongoing public access to project data, and Mainstreams Environmental will endeavor to keep this site active for as long as possible. The project data includes: